Christiana Trust

Investment Management

Creative solutions to meet your needs

The need for personal, professional investment services has never been greater. Individuals, families, corporations and institutions with substantial assets require practical, efficient ways to help them minimize the impact of taxes, manage their financial assets, and ensure that they and their beneficiaries will be secure, irrespective of what the future may bring. Turning to Christiana Trust for investment services has proven to be an important first step in achieving these goals.

Christiana Trust’s investment approach is based on a simple principle: combine superior,informed asset management services, experienced professionals, and the best technology. Our dedicated people are committed to ensuring that all of our individual and institutional clients receive every opportunity to meet their strategic goals.

Our focus is simple: we believe that offering independent, unbiased advice is fundamental to achieving financial success. By sticking to our core business of offering specialized trust and investment services, we can focus only on the important issues. Our team of portfolio managers work closely together to ensure that our collective experience is utilized to realize each client’s financial goals.

Whether your goal is aggressive growth, maximum income, or inflation-adjusted preservation of principal, we can tailor an appropriate investment plan for your portfolio. Our asset allocation strategy takes into account your performance objectives, time frame,risk tolerance and income requirements, not to mention the tax consequences of our recommendations. Having Christiana Trust manage your portfolio gives you access to specialists with expertise in both fixed-income securities and equities that reaches across a range of sectors and styles.