Christiana Trust

Corporate Trust and Agency Services

The benefits of our services.

Providing superior client service and focusing on the details of your transaction is our first concern. At Christiana Trust we work closely with our clients. We focus on your particular needs providing solutions to the many complexities that face an issuer in the corporate trust marketplace today. Our client base includes major corporations, prominent banks, transportation companies and financial service companies.

Christiana Trust offers a comprehensive list of corporate trust services. Our corporate trust professionals have proven themselves and have demonstrated the experience to handle any type of complex transaction. Whether you are a local, regional, national or international organization, we deliver the specialized service and expertise in a single place to facilitate and implement your transaction.

Our extensive experience includes:

Indenture Trustee

We will administer the bond issues as directed by the trust indenture and the structure and mechanics of the bond financing, including terms, conditions, restrictions, investments, default, remedies, covenants and disclosure requirements.

Successor Trustee

We may replace a current trustee at the request of the issuer/borrower when there are service issues or when a conflict arises.

Paying Agent

In accordance with payment schedules, we will make all periodic payments of interest and principal on certificated and/or book-entry bonds.

Escrow Agent

We act as a neutral third party to hold and disburse funds or other property based on terms detailed in the governing document.

  • Bankruptcy
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Class Action/Litigation
  • Structured Settlement
  • Governmental/Environmental Protection
  • Indemnification
  • Construction/Contractor Retention
  • Software Licensing/Source Code
  • Real Estate Purchase and Sale/1031 Exchange
  • Personal Property/1031 Exchange
  • Insurance Company Deposits
  • Private Placements/Subscriptions
  • Business Escrows

Owner Trustee

We will hold title to trust asset(s), issue certificates of beneficial ownership, and issue notes to the investors/lenders. We will also forward notices to designated parties, work in conjunction with the servicing agent and act upon direction of the beneficial owner.

Delaware Statutory Trust

We facilitate many transactions utilizing the Delaware Statutory Trust Act (DST). A DST is the preferred form of trust arrangement for asset-backed securitizations, trust preferred securities, collateral trusts, TIC DSTs, ILITS and liquidating trusts.

Registrar and Transfer Agent

We will verify that only the authorized numbers of bonds are issued. We will maintain records of the registered debt-holders.

Investment Agent

We will invest funds within stated guidelines or according to cash flow requirements.

Independent Director, Manager and Special Member Services for SPV's

Christiana Trust can provide an independent director or a manager should your transaction require one.

Other services provided:

  • Common Law Trusts
  • Liquidating Trusts
  • Insurance Trusts
  • LLC Services
  • Trust Preferred Securities
  • Public Finance Transactions
  • Collateral Agent
  • Custody Investment/Services
  • Document Custodian
  • Voting Trusts
  • Dissemination Agent
  • Tender Agent
  • Master Trusts
  • Fiscal Agent

When it comes to administering complex corporate trust issues, there's no substitute for experience. Our trust professionals have that experience - in abundance.With experience ranging from 10 - 30 years our team members have the specialized knowledge necessary to ensure that your corporate trust issue will be handled with great care and attention to detail.